Willi, the seahorse, has since found it fun that I am his godfather and help him on his Love Brand journey. After having understood his purpose and his role, he was able to get to know important cornerstones of an unmistakable Love Brand in the past three episodes: appearance, behavior and culture. As announced, today it is about the fourth element before we devote ourselves to further topics related to the Love Brand evolution: communication. That is the key, the masterpiece.

Communication is the key.
The masterpiece.
Of every brand.

Charming, irresistible and unmistakable

»Good morning dear godfather«, I’m in a good mood today, showing myself from my best side (my right side cut at an angle between 30 and 45 degrees, by the way) and swimming directly in front of the coral, next to the seaweed, 15 centimeters away from my window – calm. And the doubles are good at it too. Because I told them. Charming, irresistible and unmistakable. And because they don’t want to poison our culture, they prefer to do what I tell them. What I want to say to my godfather, please no more philosophy lesson today…

You are joining »live« today. What you find here is the following: On one side of the glass, with a fighting weight of … um … a lot … lifeguard in the shark pool, coach and crab sponsor … Theeeeee Goooodfaaaatheeeeer.

On the other hand, a great few centimeters of quality from Mother Nature, the seal of approval on German children’s swimwear of size XXS, seahorse and Love Brand … The Hoooooorse Feeeeeeeed.

Joking aside, sometimes I’m a little cocky. Hehe.

You have to know, I need to get in mood for good sparring. Because a few weeks ago one of these flat noses out there told me that a good boxer was only as good as his sparring partner, I thought of a special presentation for myself today. After all, I’m expecting the self-proclaimed Love Brand maker. He’s worth to announce him like in the Central Park Zoo in New York City, don’t you think? So here is the strategy for my speech:

1st Clear visibility, strong recognition value, away from mainstream, ready to show quality … plus the doubles that stand for all those who would like to look like me. Or at least want to take advantage of my success.
2nd Friendly approach, respectful treatment, leading figure in role model function, ready to perform quality … plus the doubles that stand for all those who would like to be like me. Or at least want to take advantage of my success.
3rd It is part of our culture that we break lances for others. In this respect, we decided to go on a hunger strike for 30 minutes once a day (while choreographing an AC/DC playlist in an endless loop). The surplus crabs should contain enough omega-3 fatty acids to counteract potency problems of seahorse powder consumers. Culture sensitizes, culture rocks, hallelujah!

How do fans greet each other?
By hitting the other’s tone.

Hit the other’s tone

The 30-minute ceasefire ended about 5 minutes ago, so in good time for early sports sparring, there are replenished energy reserves and a clear view on both sides. Perfect conditions for, what did he mean, a masterpiece ?!

The lance is broken, the ice too. The overall impression of the Love Brand ignites.

»Good morning Horse Feed«, is how a coach shows his best side. It hits my tone, a bit of provocation at the beginning. Excellent opening. Yes, that’s how sparring partners and fans greet each other. You hit the other’s tone.
From where I know this? Well, let’s be honest, it’s not that difficult with communication: there is language, as a distinguishing feature, as a fundamental basis and common denominator. It is necessary so that my godfather and I understand each other. So that it works between the two of us, he lends me his voice. Logical, right?! If we wouldn’t speak the same language, this would be a monologue – and not a dialogue.

I see we understand each other.

Just so that we understand each other correctly, it takes a bit more for harmony, and this is where the tone comes in. It provides the groove, I don’t care if you would like to call it the right wavelength. Because the godfather knows that I appreciate occasional provocations, I am pleased about this sympathetic attention. Above all, because his tone told me that he was happy to see me. And that is mutual. Therefore, we understand each other correctly. Correct?

Intersection and reliability are important

Ha, are you kidding me? Here comes the masterpiece of communication, and I have to admit that it doesn’t come from me. Not even from the godfather, he honestly said. Anyway, it came from someone who is right and whom the godfather can at least quote: »In order to get along really well, you need common goals, interests, needs. In order to get along really well in the long term, you need promises that are kept.«

You don’t need a Watson to combine what is important in communication with each other: intersections and reliability. Because it is clear, even if we understand each other, that is, if we understand each other correctly, that is, if we understand each other really well, that is, we understand them permanently well – oh, I know, you understood it, I understood it. In any case, what I wanted to say is that communication with a sparring partner is only fun if it works for both. One brings more clarity to the other, the other more crabs or bucks. I as a Love brand, I appreciate both. This is official.

»Godfather, my friend. How nice it is that we understand each other. Please forgive me if I have misunderstood something and enlighten me in the worst-case scenario: A brand can also be recognized by its communication. How does the calculation work out that I have more crabs, but you persuaded me elsewhere to do without crabs for 30 minutes a day?«, A provocative question garnished in a Love brand coat.

»Regarding crabs, what has happened since we started dealing with the Love Brand – has it become more or less?«

»More. But we’re also more mouths to feed.«

»Which means fans invest in you. They want to see more of you.«

»Okay, more crabs for everyone. Deal?«

»Have you spoken to your doubles about what they want? Maybe they don’t want more crabs, but more seaweed, more coral, more salt in the water … Whatever?«

»Exactly, whatever, I don’t even have an idea who they are. We say good morning and good night and that’s it.«

Would communication be aphysical product I would have it produced in series.
I seldom experienced such a tool that saves and brings so much money.

The benefit that costs nothing

We quickly agreed that decent greetings are still not enough for very good communication. It will only become very good if you can turn it into a business idea. When there is a noticeable benefit for all sides: time savings, motivation boost, saving effort. And the business idea is »just do it« because it costs nothing. So what every brand needs is very good communication in series. Hm, we might need a bigger pool then.

»Godfather, you’re my biggest fan. Right?«


»Godfather, what do you get out of it? I mean, somehow you also work for me and with what I have to offer, I won’t be able to bait you…«

»What do you think if I would working WITH you?«, he interrupts me.
It sounds different somehow. Together. That sounds fun.

»I’m in. Deal. You and me, the doubles, all together. Um, where and how do you communicate that?«

In my case, doubles first, I’m learning. Internal communication before external communication. However, internally means not only the space alone. It’s more about the team. The team is internal – and it makes a difference whether I personally present myself, send the sponsor in or just post a message. The godfather tells me about a tool called e-mail that people still have. What sounds weird must be weird. But it probably isn’t. Not always.
For example, if the godfather uses these e-mails to let the general public know that I have made huge progress as a Love Brand again. Well, he can do that in other ways, for example via the media, via our blog on his website – or did he suggest that he is thinking about maybe even writing a book about me? …

Do something with it!

I realize that we are well positioned as a team. Provided that communication works.

For my part, I now know at least all four recognition features of a Love Brand: appearance, behavior, culture and communication. On to the stage. Let’s grow. All together. Until we are a heavyweight. Adequate size please, we also know how important good looks are. Conviction, will, skills and abilities are existing. The doubles as brand ambassadors, the godfather and many other fans as well.

Yeah, I can make something out of it!

Hold on. Next time. There are crabs again. A language that you all understand, I’m sure. But you don’t speak with your mouth full. However, this has more to do with decency, less with very good communication.

No matter which side you are on: narrator or listener, communication is the key. A Love Brand uses this instrument very deliberately to clearly formulate knowledge, needs, emotions and goals. You can also turn it around: Without communication, no team. Without a team, no fans. No bucks without fans. My team knows where it is going – and if you have read the end of this blog article, then external communication has also hit the right tone…

Food For Thoughts

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