Welcome to my blog. It is probably the first blog that focuses on dialogues between a human and a seahorse. Between me and my beloved »horse feed«. I invite you to have a little bit of fun in the world of diverse questions about brands, their communication and what all this is good for. I would like to give you some extraordinary impulses on the way: Some that should activate and sharpen your individual brand understanding. In this article, I’ll tell you a little bit about what to expect. And why personal initiative is a promising start on the way to seahorse badge in brand communication.

Every success story begins with people who take responsibility. And whose »why« is more exciting than their financial plan.

You cannot not communicate…

A wise man once said that you cannot not communicate. This wise man was Paul Watzlawick, a communications scientist from Austria who died in California in the United States. That was in 2007.

If he knew how people are communicating now … If he knew how world speaks about each other today. Yes, about each other, not with each other. Now imagine that Watzlawick had experienced the current state president communicating … Unthinkable. If he knew all of this – he would probably want to teach us how to NOT communicate.

That’s when I come in now. The Godfather. Who thinks sustainable brand communication is totally cool and never gets tired of standing up for brands and professional communication.

Love Sparring

Why do I call myself godfather? Not in style of the 1972 Mafia film. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in the leading roles with, let’s say, questionable business models.

I was born in 1981, so (unfortunately) I have never met Al Pacino or Marlon Brando personally and I also stand for serious cooperation. Even when I met Willi the seahorse. In the underworld. In the underwater world, to be precise. A rare and fascinating creature whose observation in the wild triggers a real feeling of happiness for me. So I decided that I would take care of him. Since then I’ve been a godfather. And he? He is the one who definitely has a completely different view of brands and communication. That is why he will be my favorite partner when it comes to telling you the secret of strong brands and very good communication in an amusing way.

The godfather and his seahorse – Michael and Willi instead of Marlon and Al. Hm, how did I convince Willi to participate? Let’s put it this way: »I made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse …«
Sounds more like Hollywood than it is. Promised.

A bit about the story: Frankly, I first met Willis relatives in the Philippines off Malapascua, later in the Caribbean off Curacao. And finally I met him in a zoological garden.

For me, Willi is a cool one, but why  you will still find out yourself. In any case, I decided to be his brand developer, or sparring partner, as his godfather. Believe me, he needs it. I need it. Why? You will soon find out all for yourself if you continue to follow this story and are open to a bit of sparring.

I think everyone needs a sparring partner. One that he trusts, one that he likes and that he can grow with. Mine is Willi, partly because he is such a damn good listener. No wonder, because he uses his hyoid bone only to eat. Well, I find it difficult to speak underwater, too.

With both of us, everyone does what he does best, Willi thinks, I talk. This is how this kind of storytelling arises.

Very good communication raises more questions than she answers. What could that be good for?

Open up new horizons in a restricted world

In Willi’s case, it is a story of a seahorse that needs to be told. Because it can be significant. For each.
The Greeks knew very early on the meaning of his genus: In their mythology, they tell this fish (yeeeees, seahorses are fish) that it comes from the horses that Poseidon’s chariot pulled through the seas. A god chauffeur.

As the slowest fish in the world! You should know that Willi and his friends swim just one and a half meters an hour. That is a fact and easy to stop as well.

His Latin name »Hippocampus«, on the other hand, sounds more like a hippopotamus, which would be significantly bulkier and larger, even more dangerous. In fact, the term is derived from Greek sea monster Hippocampus. A monster? Willi doesn’t sound like a monster, hm? He may take out monstrous things, but the truth isn’t always a hooray.

In addition, Willi is limited, rather in his world. It is limited: maybe to one cubic meter. For such sprinters like him somehow enough space to go swimming for an hour.

For me it looks too small. And that’s why I spent almost two hours with Willi when we first met him so that he would get used to me. He fascinated me from the first second. I think he’s great, although he only measures 20 centimeters. I find him unique, although the others I’ve met so far look pretty much like him.

Be different – that rocks!

Willi rocks! For example, he carries his lady’s babies. No joke, she’s laying her eggs in his sack. Willi is one of the only animals in the world where this evolutionary process is completely different. To be different, I like that. I like brands that are different. That’s why I like Willi very much. Because he is a symbol of being different.

From now on Willi and I start to build a very special relationship. Of course, it’s a lot about his brand and his way of communication, but it’s also about responsibility and opinions. We will tell about this, of all the obstacles and insights that are revealed to us while I am working with Willi to be a Love Brand. Love Brand is the term that, in my eyes, combines everything: the love of the brand.

For my part, I love water, especially the sea. I like diving for my life. Going into foreign worlds is a passion. Brands and their communication is such a separate, strange world. Yes, I said strange world because I have the impression, that it is becoming increasingly unknown to people how we communicate decently and authentically with each other. How we can be productive, on all levels, in all directions, for all senses. As a brand, not as an instrument of others.

If communication is something that so many can do and only few do. Then, why do so many who can’t?

Communication motivates you to walk the extra mile

You canot not communicate, so Watzlawick said. So, I thought to myself, seahorses can also communicate. Willi will do sot: he will reflect, point, sensitize, polarize, dramatize, philosophize, sometimes boycott a little.

What do you get from this story? Aside from a little entertainment, let yourself be inspired. About your own brand, your own communication and how you can build bridges between worlds. Above and below water, from east to west, from north to south.

I am convinced that real brands will make the difference in the future. Communication will bring us forward. – or at least much closer to each other again. I see that as an urgent necessity.

If you want to have more fun, I want to inspire you what it’s like to have fun together. If you want to win even more, I would like to inspire with whom you celebrate success motivates you to the next extra mile.

Worrying means taking responsibility

What do we need for this? Will and Willi. Just joking. In any case, we need will, the willingness to change something. If we don’t, nobody will. That’s why I develop, train and coach brands in the field of communication. And that’s why I raise awareness about Willi as a seahorse for environmental and species protection, which is very important to me, especially for our oceans.

If we don’t worry, we’ll soon have nothing to worry about. We have a responsibility to fulfill. Especially me. After all, I’m the new kind of godfather.

That was it very briefly about me and the content that awaits you. I believe that every kind of change requires people to take responsibility. And also values ​​that drive you. In this blog, I promise you a lot of questions and answers – more impulses than scientific brand management blah, as well as situations that are likely to be very familiar to you in another constellation.