For a few days now we have been dealing with the questions you have to deal with if you want to become a real brand, in my words: a Love Brand. How do you do that? With individual brand development and corresponding communication. In the beginning it was about purpose and about being consciously different from the average. In today’s blog article, we, Willi, the »Horse Feed« and I dive a little deeper together into his world – and into that of the other brands that frolic on such a reef. We develop an understanding of roles, because only who knows what role he can and wants to play will understand how his Love Brand takes shape.

It’s the brave opinions
the strange comparisons,
that pay off for a brand.

Reasonable people

I always thought I lived in a shark tank. Of course not here in the zoo. But outside, in the great outdoors. In the ocean.

After my godfather’s visit today, I now know that the real shark tank is above water. Because that’s where the shark’s only enemy lives. The human being.

The homo sapiens, Latin for reasonable people, is anything but sapiens. He does use the phrase to be in a shark tank to indicate dangerous situations. But only in a figurative sense. If he lived where we seahorses normally do, he wouldn’t be alive for long. The sharks would take care of him … To keep the sea clean. Because humans know that exactly and are seriously without natural enemy but themselves, they take care of the sharks. Rather, they take care of their extermination. Homo culus – means man, ass. My Latin is most likely incorrect, so my message that I want to express is very likely to hit the mark. When I asked my godfather this morning what »ass« means in Latin, he googled. He had French in school, he immediately remembered the word in French, but we all know that this tongue always sounds charming. But we don’t want to be charming. Not in this context.

Every role strengthens the collective

My godfather also told me that there are some people who protect sharks and do a lot to help the natural shark pools recover. But there would be still significantly more of the Homo culus. And that’s just bitter, as I now know. Because everyone has their role in the world, everyone strengthens the collective in their own way – and receives the recognition of their fans.

Strange that the being at the top of the food chain claims the most of all of this for itself.

Um, maybe again to the beginning of today: The godfather came when I was just recovering from an extensive one-meter swim. And he attacked me motivated to the tips of his hair. Because he was allowed to do diving today, he said. His biggest hobby. And then there was his passion for neuromarketing and target group communication. He didn’t have to tell me anything about diving, and I didn’t get the foreign words in the second part of his sentence. I saved it under useless knowledge. Because what I don’t understand doesn’t catch my interest. So we focused on his imaginary dive to not running the risk of getting bored with his specialist blah.

He deserves a real chance, after all, he is interested in my world. It has to do with respect. And I don’t just mean superficial.

There are boycotters
and supporter.
Diversity is good and important.
It broadens your own horizon.

Get involved in diversity of species

We mentally grooved ourselves at a depth of 15 to 20 meters. Just like that, I can go up to 100 meters deep, and not only think, but let each other in, just mean you go as far as the other one can go … We stayed on the reef, suggested my godfather, because I’m not such a good swimmer and could then hold on to me. This is probably called a gentlemen’s agreement.

The godfather called it the biology lesson of brand communication. I share what I understood once again: On a coral reef you can find one of the most biodiverse and densely populated habitats on earth. If you like, it mirrors the top. You have people on both sides.

In any case, corals are the landscape architects for a world full of moray eels, flounders, puffer fish, lionfish, perch, rays, sharks and of course seahorses. Some have been here forever, others still have kelp behind their gills. Some wear 90s neon outfits, others scales. There are weird hairstyles and invertebrates. It has predators and protectors. There are pests and cleaners. Boycotters and supporters. And with that, we are at what the godfather means by role. Everyone brings in their skills and seeks out the environment in which they can do it as best as possible. That is the role.

Differentiate needs

Either you are for something or against something. Of course, it is a little more complicated, but it was as obvious as it was understandable when diving on the reef: some defend themselves against everything, defend and protect. Others produce sand for the beach – even in a zoo where the beach is real for stupid. But what do you want to do: Some just do what they always do. And still others get involved, even do something for others, in terms of living space or in terms of species conservation.

Evolution has developed different fish differently. It is therefore important to offer them different things so that they can really fulfill their role to their own satisfaction. Not everyone needs the same thing. For some, preserving their own species is more important. See the amphibians who can now choose whether they find it cooler above or below water. After all, they couldn’t always do that. Well, the variety of options opens horizons and drives both people and fish, and that’s this neuromarketing thing, the godfather said. »If you know the evolution of your brand, the origin, the role, then the horizon opens up for you to the Love Brand. Because then you know which emotions you can address and how«- the scientist in him is exhausting, I thought. Go diving again, boy … The surface air doesn’t seem to do you any good. I went swimming. Because that’s it with the biology lesson.

After a quick swim around the finger coral, ten minutes later, it made sense to me: my horizon is finite due to the fact that I’m not a good swimmer. Where there is current and little vegetation to hold on to, it makes less sense for me to perform. For this, I take on a role model in nature elsewhere: I am the only species in which the males takes care of hatching process. And what’s more, in addition to being a role model, I have another extraordinary property as a seahorse: I am actually very sensitive to contaminated water and therefore I am a good indicator of excellent water quality. In other words, where we are, there is a top atmosphere. What he calls »Horse Feed« is actually an exemplary seal of approval, guys! How fitting that all seahorses have been protected under the Washington Convention on Wildlife Conservation since 2004, even as an endangered species. Yeah, guys, quality is getting less and less. Same with useful from Washington, to be honest.

Role playing used to be reserved
für science fiction fans.
Today is time for everyone to become aware of his role.
This is the only way
for your individual brand
to take shape.

Symbiosis is work

Well, my godfather said that Love Brands benefit from emotions, which is why they have become rare. And more popular.

Call it what you want, I thought to myself. From now on, I see myself as a symbol of quality, as a welcome attribute. My reputation is my performance, not my name, godfather. The next round around the finger coral I swam the chest-out style, which felt really good.

That did not go undetected: »You see«, said the godfather, »show yourself confidently and set yourself apart. Show who you are and your brand will be known.« However, to be successful as a Love Brand, neighbors, friends, partners, relationships are needed.

There is also symbiosis on the reef. And that’s work, I can tell you. That means, with what and how I do it, I can keep up with conversation and remain in demand. However, I also have to perform seriously. That means proving that I am useful. Just swimming regularly, showing yourself, addressing quality is not enough. My godfather said that nobody can stand on one leg – I thought: but I can, it’s just not a leg. And does not stand either. Floats.

But what he actually meant, he explained to me based on my skills: We seahorses are endangered, but have only a few natural predators on the reef, because we are not easily digestible due to our bone plates, spines and many bones. A sustainable product from Mother Nature that, the more often we can use it, the more it says about a healthy atmosphere. If that doesn’t help …

Now, however, evolution does not only change the framework from time to time, the godfather said – that was, to put it mildly, the mess that people make on the surface and that destroy our living space. Does he think I wouldn’t notice? After all, there is also black on white on the board next to my aquarium. There’s obviously not that much good water anymore. And what does that mean? Seahorses also have to adapt. Some of my species can even change their appearance so that nobody can find them anymore. The godfather found a good comparison: »Reinventing yourself, offering variety and developing … It’s a healthy survival strategy.«

At this point, I didn’t tell him how many undiscovered species we still have. He likes diving, then he can go looking for it himself.

Quality characteristics change

If I understand it correctly, a regular surprise effect of a Love Brand helps to prove itself as a Love Brand.

The quality characteristics of this world are changing, so the world of seahorses is also changing. Mine anyway: I, Willi, the Horse Feed«, am already as good as a Love Brand. The first of my kind. I might have 1,000 liters of water here, but that’s enough to show the world what crucial role I play.

I still remember what I did when my godfather reappeared this morning: I imagined how my presence in the shark tank alone would help everyone else to benefit from an environment worth living in. Quality of life, if you like. Because sharks also value quality, I’m very sure of that.

I fortified myself with a good portion of crabs – before hundreds of questions caught up with me again. Where had the godfather gone? Oh, definitely in his own shark tank. Find answers. He has courage, you have to give him that.

You don’t have to go diving or understand the ecology of a reef to find your place as a brand. But it helps. New perspectives opened up horizons for Willi, who had previously only perceived himself as a seahorse. That sparked pride and conviction. That created drive. He has become more curious. He has dealt with his own role as a quality label. And now he wants to make something of it. Standing for quality and being able to make a role model contribution as a Love Brand strengthens self-confidence.

Food For Thoughts

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