You don’t have to tell a seahorse to start swimming before it submerges. Neither do I have to be told to start talking when it gets too quiet. When the lambs are silent. Or a couple of extraordinary gentlemen. And so in this blog today the two creatures who prefer to talk about brands and communication meet again: Love Brand Willi, the seahorse, and his godfather, I, Michael Barthel, modern: coach. We both have the same mission. To do more for one another. We believe it is time to move, to leave the comfort zone, to start swimming on our own. Or to communicate. Not mainstream porridge, but Love Brand recipes. In the previous episode, we heard examples of how brand ambassadors of companies are currently handling communication. That gives only limited courage. That’s why the »Horse Feed« and I approach the whole thing a little differently. Not up with the big ones, but down with the little ones, with each individual. And you?

Love Brands take their time to engage with others.
Everyone else engages with others when they got time.

No time for marketing gags

You know, friends, since the godfather left out a bit about the communication from a couple of mainstream brand ambassadors, I’ve been looking a little more sensitized again to see who is passing by my showroom. Who pretends to be a fan, who is a fan. Among them, for example, was a young woman who recently spent a little longer with me. While she was there, giving me time to show off my full Love Brand performance, others just slipped through to the photo shoot with me. And at the end the woman said something that I dictated to my godfather in his notebook a short time later: »Some of them take their time to engage with you. Some of them just engage with you when they got time. That’s life, Willi.«

That was the moment when a Love Brand applauds its fan. For the simple truth in two sentences. What does the applause of a seahorse look like even though it has no arms or hands? It uses the horse feed.

Yes, I communicate – and I do not omit to mention that I hope that soon only those who take their time will come. All other souvenir collectors, trophy hunters and selfie fanatics are marketing gags. Not more. I don’t have to tell you that only few gags are still funny after you’ve heard them a thousand times. It is no different with the joke characters seen.

That’s exactly what I told my godfather when he took time for me again. He took notes nicely. Because, as you noticed last, he needs his Love Brand more than she needs him. As far as I can tell, we are currently getting more crabs than he is bucks – I think you should be fair and give away a little bit of the recent success. Especially since he is not entirely uninvolved in mine …

»The gags are like our joint blog articles, Willi: We get more out of it when our messages are heard by thousands and then want to be spread. If someone hears the message a thousand times and still doesn’t know what he wants to spread … «, the godfather summed it up, and I finished: »… then maybe he was listening, but not really understanding.« I consciously chose a constructive instead of a vulgar ending.

Food for Thoughts means:
Food for the brain.
Love Brands appreciate
this food.

If you sleep, you won’t notice anything

My godfather had already explained that to me with this blog thing: What good are blogs for getting bucks and crabs? Option 1: A brand developer turns a seahorse into an influencer for frozen shrimp.

Works. Just not with me. No more. Because a Love Brand brand developer has coached a horse feed to a quality label under species protection. Not everything is suitable for influencing. Because, honestly, how do premium quality and thawed bulk food fit together in a story?

Thank you.

Nevertheless, I warmed up a few old things: »Let’s go back to the gags. Your humor is not for everyone. You are also a bit psycho – I mean you are talking to and about a seahorse … The fact that they did not shut you up after the first dialogues with me is ultimately a success for both of us – but … . regarding your state of mind … um … you see what I mean by that?«

»It wasn’t because of you as the interlocutor, Willi. On the contrary: fans made postcards of you, balloons, badges, cuddly toys … The horse feed rocks!«

»Ha, I don’t give a fuck about fan merchandise. It’s not something I could use underwater. But if it helps you upstairs, look down a little more appreciatively. Open a fan shop, man! … Um … Sorry, was very selfish.«

But I couldn’t get rid of the thought that the Love Brand itself has more potential to become a fan culture than the one who made it into it. In that case, it would clearly be up to him alone.

»It must be my wording, Willi. I’ve received a lot of feedback that our stories help people who listen to sleep,« replied the godfather.

»Sure, if you sleep, you just don’t notice anything. If you don’t notice, you can’t understand anything. And if you don’t understand anything, you have nothing to say«, lick my scaled horse’s ass, what kind of an intelligence beast I’ve become through coaching, I secretly discovered.

I also fueled our sparring ping pong.

»With one exception, I published all episodes as Food for Thoughts for lunch.«

»As what ?!«

»Yes, that means something like food for the brain, something to think about.«

»Aha. I’ll tell you something, godfather. Multicultural and international – everything is cool and extremely important. But this mishmash of languages…«

Let this moment of the successful parade take effect, mentally preserve this facial expression of the godfather – priceless.

Which somehow brought us back to a well-known and all-determining topic: crabs, slashes, bucks. In relation to this topic, however, a message from my godfather is more effective than the irony of an advertising message from credit cards: There are seldom more crabs for everyone if one or the other does not give a portion.

»Barter deal,« the godfather called it.

Well, I thought, I’ll swap my Love Brand for an extra portion of crabs. A proven deal. While in the course of our exchange I noticed that in and of itself it is not quite clear to me how the exchanges work in atmospheres beyond H2O.

»No different: I exchange experience, knowledge and my willingness to help against other people’s willingness to change, time and bucks,« says the godfather.

»You won’t get my crabs, to make it clear.«

»Wouldn’t occur to me in a dream. Besides, of the bucks I get, others swap crabs again … Food for Thoughts, dear horse feed.«

»So it should be clear that we have to take care of your bucks before there are crabs again,« my hard drive still had that much energy.

»Correctly. And that’s where the story of the two of us comes back into play. It shows the people upstairs with us which questions we deal with on the path of a Love Brand. In turn, our messages help to understand how to formulate and address them so that others can listen.«

»Before they fall asleep«, provocation has also been a tried and tested means in our coaching.

The winner beats
the scaredy.
Fortunately, some things never change.

Every coach wants to make brands out of lemmings

»Well, frankly, some have woken up. It was just not the messages that woke them up, but rather the fear.«

»Dear Poseidon, the old lyre: fear instead of balls.«

»Yes,« said the godfather, »the fear of loss again. Status or ego – and in the worst case both together. Then, for example, when they lose their job and have to do without bucks. Then many will understand: No matter how much they have achieved in the past, ›at the top‹ there is all about markets, customers, quarterly targets, stocks and bucks … at least not about people.«

»In my words: If we send as many seahorses into the race down here, and then one of them comes and sells us as medicine on the market because of the excess mass …«

»Exactly: Then you start to fight back or surrender. Correct?«

»Viva la Revolución«, I trumpeted through the water and the godfather laughed.

»Nice hoot, horse feed. I recently read something pertinent to this from a personnel consultant who has drawn up a 12-stage emergency plan for such cases. The first three steps mentioned: 1. Do not take anything personally. 2. Consult the right advisor. 3. Get a good lawyer involved.«

»If I were a consultant, no matter what kind, I would have phrased it that way. As a certified, proven and widely valued Love Brand, however, I would like to make a wise note: If you have not yet had any experience with consultants: Swap steps 2 and 3 – first the lawyer, then the coach.«

»Thanks for the compliments, Willi. But you’re right: even in your own need, the next best advisor is not the best world saver for you. So, listen carefully – then you’ll find out who suits you and your goals.«

»So the lawyer …«

»Arguing also needs to be learned and skilled, at least as a Love Brand. Still, I haven’t had a lawyer in coaching yet. Instead, a police officer who is preparing for his senior civil service career and has been looking for sparring in the areas of presentation and rhetoric. A bon vivant who didn’t want to miss a thing and who desperately faced the challenge of being everybody’s darling because of the sheer variety of options. A junior manager who accepts any help during the first high-altitude flight in order to achieve ambitious goals faster but above all more self-satisfied …«

»And what does that have to do with fear?« I wanted to know.

»A lot,« said the godfather. »The fear of failure, the fear of not being properly perceived, the fear of taking care of the wrong things, the fear of wasting time unnecessarily – these are all fears that seem to motivate you to work with a coach to let in.«

»But honestly, none of them really lost anything, right? Were there any who came to you and wanted to win? I mean, at first I didn’t know what this Love Brand hocus-pocus was doing to me – but you’re kind of a crazy lunatic – so on my wavelength, and that’s why I got involved.«

»Willi, you hit the nail as always. There are many good coaches and consultants among us. All of them have certain methods, systems, priorities and recipes for success. The truth is, they all want to turn lemmings into successful brands. Every lemming less counts.«

A short digression on the animal and human world: In the 50s there was a television documentary about my vole friends, also known as lemmings. According to the documentary lemmings jump from cliffs to their death in order to rebalance their own population. It has now been proven that, how could it be otherwise, humans have helped with this natural selection. And also had the cheek to turn it into a video game in which human-like characters function as lemmings and all run in one direction – mostly to ruin. It really seems helpful when someone shows you how to get around the curve.

»Get off the autopilot, that’s the motto. Well roared lion. It’s good that at least a few have already understood the value of a Love Brand coach and are working with you,« I encouraged him before the godfather said goodbye. He spoke of two young women who were waiting for him: One who would like to position herself as a career changer and develop further. And another one who has not applied for years and needs a little more than just a flawless cover letter for her next interview.

I understand that women are not kept waiting. Especially not with a great bedtime story …

Problem solver or world saver? What exactly is the individual coaching approach? The answer is obvious: convey things that bring bucks. At best for both. For example, my beloved seahorse Willi is not interested in bucks, but in crabs. And so the image of the coach is changing: not so long ago coaching was reserved for those who were less lemming and more computer gamers. Coaching is now for everyone. It’s like training the mind. Food for thoughts, to be precise. And when a lemming starts to think instead of marching towards the abyss, then it can also become a Love Brand. I am convinced of that. Unfortunately, it is foreseeable that we will soon have even more coaches and trainers. So my tip: Pay attention to the fun factor. We will only slowly change the top. But the more fun we have downstairs, the faster and easier it is. My name is Michael Barthel and I am a trainer, coach and brand developer – including a seahorse named Willi. You can read more about me and my methods on the blog and on my website at Have fun – I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Food For Thoughts

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