Communication is the most important management tool of a Love Brand. And that brings us to the next blog article by »Horse Feed«. Seahorse Willi is in a process: He gets to know all the attributes of a Love Brand, has a team to support him on the way to achieving his goals, and fans. Fans are the ones who invest in a brand because they are convinced of it and its added value. Fans are those who have to fit a Love Brand just as much as their own brand ambassadors. This is usually relatively easy at the beginning of a partnership. But what if everyday euphoria becomes routine – how do I keep my brand promise? How do I maintain a brand? Who will take the lead?

Communication is the most important management tool
of a Love Brand.

Once upon a time there was a hop run

Were those days. Not so long ago, I let myself drift. So I accepted the days when they came, did what I wanted and rewarded myself with a handful of fresh crabs after work. That was once.

Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale? Yes, frankly it was a fairy tale, initially. Once there was a godfather, once there was a »Horse Feed«. Once upon a time there was a fan and a seahorse … You were all there to see how we got to know each other, how we learned to understand and trust each other. Like us, or rather: I started to believe in this Love Brand. A fairy tale like Hensel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm: what started hand in hand in the hop run through the world of brands ended in a delightful way at the gingerbread house with sweet enjoyment. Success always tastes sweet. Not crabs. Freshwater crabs maybe. Saltwater crabs are enough for us.

There have been plenty of them since I was able to win my team over to our cause. Which is also noticeable in my figure. By the way, not only on mine, my team, my former doubles, they all look as if every morning was the evening of the second Christmas day.

And so we quickly got to know the witch in our fairy tale: indolence. She was hiding behind the gingerbread house, along with her broom, the convenience.

So what happened to the fairy tale? The hop run became a creeping crawl. So true, guys, what’s going on? Of course I know a lot about sneaking. Nobody needs to tell me anything about sluggishness and comfort – I once practiced that to perfection. That was once…

Before I met the godfather.

For a Love Brand
the top is not the end.

The most important finding

He managed to motivate me to emotionalize me so that we catapulted ourselves to the top of the beloved brands. He gave me all the tools that a Love Brand needs to win: people, teams, fans and crabs.

What he hadn’t told me so far: The top is not the end.

I should take a little creative break at this point. For you. For all those who, like me, have to pause for thought. If this knowledge works. When it hits. Into the marrow. Let us let it work again, very slowly: the tip is not the end.

Because when success seems sweet and exuberant, indolence and comfort are not far away. That is hard. But would I be a Love Brand if I surrender to this old pattern? Would Hensel and Gretel have been a fairy tale if the witch had won? But rather horror film rather than children’s story.

Yes, this stylistic device is called a rhetorical question. We all know that fairy tales generally have a happy ending. In any case, they have a message. Like my fairy tale as a Love Brand. My message is: the top is not the end. The happy ending: is continuously updated … Because there is no end. Got it?

Keep moving

Back to the beginning again. So we had a past in our world. And we have a now. A now, which is concretely as follows: I regularly swim my lanes as a Love Brand, show myself to the fans, sensitize solely through presence for values, philosophies and of course benefits. My brand ambassadors in the team do the same to me. Long story short, we all embodied and sold the Love Brand in our own way. And succeeded. We have an abundance of crabs – several times a day. Logically, when the crabs swim, we seahorses swim too. Incidentally, every fan finds this attractive when their Love Brand is constantly in motion.

However, the fan also notices when a team of seahorses has water up to their necks. He doesn’t need glasses for that – because then dead seahorses lie in the aquarium. In contrast to the human world, this metaphor in our world says that it is already too late. So it is in the nature of things that we act on our own earlier. At the latest when the seaweed can hide behind us and not the other way around.

What else can the fan read from the water level? Very easily. Physical laws. The fat seahorse just displaces more water … So don’t think so, fans don’t notice when you’re good and you are resting.

Especially since we have all been very active in the past few days. We now have a lot of fans. They belong to the here and now. That wasn’t once upon a time. On the contrary – there was once a fan: the godfather. He has remained my godfather to this day, but numerous investors, supporters and ambassadors have also joined the fan side. Swimming schools, geologists, biologists, divers, entrepreneurs for whom environmental awareness goes beyond waste separation, quality engineers, designers, aquarium enthusiasts, bad weather zoo lovers, conservationists or Disney fans. To name just a few genres.

Watch your options

From recent experience, it has been easy to win these fans. As recommended by the godfather, we first listened. Then listened again. So we knew who we were dealing with, what excites him about our brand, what added value he expects from us, and where and how he can use seahorses for himself. And the above-mentioned group of people has an incredible number of possible uses for a Love Brand like me, believe me. And just as unimaginably many reasons to invest in us – and therefore indirectly in our crabs.

As a team, it was only a matter of going with our knowledge, our social skills and the rationally or emotionally driven characters for a blind date. After listening and listening, we simply left the ambassador of the Love Brand on the glass who best suited the fan’s taste.

Please understand correctly when I speak of taste here … cooks and doctors were there too. Nice people, no question. Until we found out where they saw the benefits of the Love Brand. From then on, we put ourselves on the diet for the moment of the date, forgot the decency and showed ourselves from the worst side. So not at all.

Honestly, what a little bit of attention, a little bit of listening and a little bit of thought to opportunities opens up! You don’t believe it …

Zack, pink glasses in the face, fan on hand and hop run. Joy pure. That’s how it looks.

The consequence: hosts of fans attract more hosts of fans. Called snowball effect among humans. Under fish we say flow effect. Because the punk goes off in the current.

At the beginning.

In the end the current always breaks off. This is exactly where we seem to have arrived. Less exercise, less action, fewer visits. This is my sober conclusion after the initial gluttony. I have to come up with something. As a bunch of »Horse Feeds« with an even more restricted range of action, we will lose fans instead of winning. Or to put it another way: as this described bunch, we will no longer win seahorses who are responsible for this Love Brand thing. And where comfortable seahorses get, should be clear to everyone, right?!


What happens to every brand that only keeps its promise at first glance? Where does each brand drift that becomes sluggish instead of constantly evolving?

Mainstream. Correct.

It’s shit, isn’t it?

The ability to communicate
makes you a leader.
Provided you have social skills.

Feedback should be properly articulated

The fact that I can communicate is anything but stupid. It is the key. Coupled with the social competence that is inherently transferred to me, this makes me the leader.

I very well believe that it has an effect on fans as well as on the team, what the leaders communicate when, how, how often and where. Is there a cooperation? For each other? In fact, I think that in the end that will decide whether you really like the brand or not. I’ll just make it simple: after courtship, leadership comes, otherwise the current breaks off.

Does it sound simple?

Have you ever had emotions, needs and facts articulated so that a team can ultimately understand your appeal?

Simple. Pah.

Yes, with all the arrogance, I did it. You just have to do some things yourself. Take responsibility and leadership, for example. There is not always someone to take your hand when team and fans need impulses. Some situations require immediate reactions.

But: I can say that the Love Brand team is back on track. In the meantime there has been feedback instead of crabs. And we’ll deal with it in a completely new way, you’ll see. The Love Brand continues to develop. Fans, we’re back! Because everyone participates.

Now you want to know how I did it …

Inner peace.

Already forgotten?

Speaking of »forgotten«. No no, my godfather didn’t forget me. He was already there today. Do you seriously think I’m a prince charming and just made up the whole story with this leadership thing?

When transparency meets appreciation and clarity, it is called feedback. It is THE management tool of modern times. Before this blog, Willi had a little training with me in terms of »complete communication«. Clarity is not always fun. Just to keep the Love Brand team on course, Willi has probably already spoken one or two clear words to his team. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I only know that appreciation has nothing to do with recognition. In any case, I would definitely like to acknowledge because I am proud of my »Horse Feed«. Willi has demonstrated leadership skills.