»Only those who are credible with their story experience opportunities.«

Love Brand »Sensitive«

A Love Brand is only a Love Brand if it is credible. The pure teaching tells us, of course, that crisis communication is nonsense. Because if you always value your brand communication, you will continue to do so in a difficult situation. Only the focus shifts to those who inspire. People fear what they do not know and they judge what they do not understand. Therefore, especially in a crisis: Lead by example. Internal communication before external.

But: who is internal, who is external? What motivates, what blocks? Professional crisis communication follows a disciplined and sensitive concept: One that uses clarity and transparency to reduce problems and increase credibility. You will learn from me how to deal skillfully with small budgets and urgent matters. To do this, we use a few »pain killer« instruments that help a Love Brand to emerge from a crisis as strengthened as possible. Because it makes a difference whether I have a crisis or get one, doesn’t it?

At every depth it is known that the deeper you go, the greater the pressure. Then, when someone gets into the crisis, every courageous helping hand is welcome. Love Brands create their story in a crisis with their network. This is exactly what this extra package is all about. In acute emergency situations, one buddy can be enough to accompany the safe emergency ascent. In this special case, we use the 4-hour kick-off date to properly classify the situation and task together. You will then receive an individual Love Brand »Sensitive« offer with training and advice on the following content:

  • Crisis Communication – Transparency & Clarity
  • Internal Communication – Employees first
  • Public Relations – Credibility
  • Leadership Communication – Sustainability

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»You have extensive expertise. So you can overlook difficult situations, recognize the essentials and find solutions quickly.«