»Only those who know their story can tell it.«

Love Brand »Rookie«

You don’t want to go any deeper than the aquarium at first? No problem: after the 2-hour dry run, we slowly start with surface training. During this phase, it is important to me that you have fun developing and telling your story.

How do we position you and your story as a Love Brand? How do we make you known as a brand? The first impression is still a very important one. Especially if you want to consciously position yourself as a founder or career changer. That’s why it should at least be real, right?

The warm-up comes before the surface training: After your appointment request, you will be sent a questionnaire and a short personality test. The questionnaire helps me to talk to you about the right things in our training. The personality test is important for your story and helps me to prepare the training content for you individually – your Love Brand »Rookie« training plan. You can expect 5 constructive hours with the following content:

  • Personal Brand Story
  • Profiling / Potentials
  • Strategy & goals
  • Brand positioning

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»You are generally interested in what people have to say. You can spend more time listening than talking if you want. Emotions are as important to you as facts.«