»Only those who reflect on themselves and their story will be able to grow.«

Love Brand »Premium«

The moment when the brand breaks the blender. The moment when perspectives open up and success stories begin. This is the moment that grows the people who tell the stories. This is the moment of weightlessness, of uniqueness. No, that’s wrong: Whether history or deep dive while traveling – no mission can be fulfilled alone. And none is like the other. Love Brands therefore like to network. So they constantly connect to new perspectives. In a team, or at least with a buddy.


Which internal and external platforms are suitable for selling which messages and products? Who plans, produces, distributes and controls storytelling for growth? Storyselling means regularly developing the story further. Like your network. With your Love Brand you will constantly discover new worlds and your journey to new horizons will go on unstoppably. In our digital and globally networked world in particular, you can quickly become a brand of the 80s. And that would be mainstream, wouldn’t it?

Most recently, in the »Plus« program, we defined projects and measures with which we can bring your Love Brand on the move. If you have fun with your brand, its people and products up to this point, then everything is now ready for the »Premium« deep dive and completely new horizons. For modern networks in which new paths are fun. Those that go deeper… To where the uniqueness stayed. Because that’s where your story sells best. My network and I will accompany you and your team in the implementation of the tasks developed in the Love Brand »Plus« program and the reflection of the goals. After you have implemented the first two Love Brand programs, you will receive an offer at the end so that you can determine for yourself how deep we go together. What I offer you besides a few seahorses are workshops and concepts around the following:

  • Brand Management – Your Storyselling
  • Product Marketing – Your Value Ladder
  • Product Communication – Your Lead Management
  • Reflection – Your Improvement Process

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»Michael is a manager who impressed us by his courage, dedication and unconditional focus on success. Further more he is a very communicative manager who can present and represent not only his own person but also a company.«