»Only those whose story has added value will win fans instead of followers.«

Love Brand »Plus«

Now is the end of surface training. Now we want to broaden horizons. If you are curious how your story can be applied in practice, then we can start your brand deep dive. Nearly. Because in order for you to travel to your dream diving destinations as efficiently as possible in terms of time and money, a Love Brand needs skills and methods in order to be able to find and appreciate sharks and seahorses in the end.

How can the potential of modern network platforms and social media be used? How does the balancing act between emotional brand and rational product communication succeed? This process step is about implementing short-term measures and organizing them in the medium or long term. This is how your story becomes sustainable storytelling. After all, as a Love Brand you don’t just want to win followers for yourself and your product, but fans, right?

Surface training comes before the trip. No brand goes deeper if it doesn’t know beforehand what it is trying to find. When you have completed your kick-off workshop and the »Basic« training, we will build on it. We use your story for concrete measures so that we can add the next chapter of success. At the same time, I am developing process, method and communication skills. Your individually developed Love Brand »Plus« program includes 3 trainings and 3 workshops, with the following content:

  • Brand Management – Your Storytelling
  • Corporate Identity – Your Mission
  • Brand Activation – Network Marketing
  • Project Management – Organization

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»You have persuaded customers and business partners through your clear structure of your conversation and well-versed rhetoric. You stand for absolute trustworthiness and reliability.«