»Only those who keep going deeper will discover new things.«

Love Brand »Fan«

The moment when the pirate sailed the rough seas for the first time. The moment the diver finds his first seahorse. This is the moment of independence. Think: Whether a pirate ship or deep dive – no mission can be fulfilled alone permanently. Human Love Brands aim for constant further development. So they learn continuously. In a team, or at least with a buddy. Let’s keep on rockin’!


In individual coaching, I support you in everyday life as a sparring partner. Together we value automatisms that help you to stay true to your story and your goals. Storyselling means reviewing your story regularly and developing it further. So you are constantly discovering new worlds and your journey as a brand continues. Especially in our digital and globally networked world, as a founder or career changer, you will soon be back in the mainstream again – and that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

If you are such a big fan of yourself and your successes as a Love Brand that you feel like you are ready for the premium discipline… then let’s go with your individual coaching. The Love Brand »Expert« program results in short-, medium- or long-term tasks, in the implementation of which I (and my network) are available to you as a sparring partner. Like swimming against the current or celebrating new seahorse discoveries: both are more fun in a team and are more promising. After you have completed the first two training blocks, you will receive a flat-rate or individual quote at the end so that you can determine yourself how much surface break you need between the deep dives. When you’re ready we can head to new treasures:

  • Personal Brand Storyselling
  • Network communication
  • Sparring & reflection
  • Self management

Are you ready for the Deep Dive?

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»You were our best critic, a friend and colleague, a source of ideas, a knocker, and hard-working boss.«