»Only those who know their target group can sell their story.«

Love Brand »Expert«

If you are enthusiastic about surface training and have become curious… If you really want to go deeper… Then you need a little more tools. Skills and methods that Love Brands, like good divers, need to know before they can handle sharks and seahorses weightlessly. In these trainings you will get to know them just as well as the characteristics of those you would like to meet. A must if you as a founder or career changer want to experience more highlights!

How do you tell your story that it sells? But above all, who and where? This step is about defining concrete actions so that your storytelling is effective and efficient. The second impression is usually not exclusively digital anymore… As a human Love Brand you want to make sure that you can keep what you promise… right?

Target Group

Before the »Expert« comes the »Rookie«. Nobody goes deeper if they don’t know beforehand what they want to find. When you have completed your warm-up appointment and your »Rookie« training, we will build on it. We use your goals to turn them into action. At the same time, I will further develop your methodological and communication skills. Your individual 10-hour training plan results from the surface training. The following content awaits you in the Love Brand »Expert« program:

  • Personal Brand Storytelling
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Brand communication (channel)

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»I hereby want to greatly thank you for your great support in recent years. Your open ear, your creativity and enthusiasm have always been very motivating – and also inspring.«