»Only those who tell their story can sell it.«

Love Brand »Basic«

After a first 4-hour look at your brand, how do you get deeper and further as quickly as possible? Step by step. You understood that brand and communication are more than a logo, flyer, website, social media marketing and public relations. I want you to enjoy swimming against the mainstream. For this we work out your story together so that your horizon goes a little further than that of the Nonames.

Which story do you bring with you and which chapters are still open? What is the vision behind your plans? How do we position you and your Love Brand? How do we make your brand known to whom? The first impression has to be right – the second even more. Above all, if it is predominantly digital. We want to inspire the right target groups for the people and products behind the online profiles, right?

The kick-off workshop comes before the surface training: You will receive a questionnaire after your appointment request. Your answers help me talk with you and your team about the right things. In the workshop we identify the first focal points with which topics or products we start your Love Brand »Basic« program. Now it’s time to connect your goals with your story and work out measures that can be implemented in the short term. You and your team can expect 2 trainings and 2 workshops with the following content:

  • Brand Management – Your Story
  • Corporate Identity – Your Vision
  • Brand Positioning – Your Brand Journey
  • Brand Awareness – Your Target Groups

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Brand Story
Target Groups


»Michael is characterized above all by his ability to develop concepts and immediately implement them consistently.«