Are you different from the crowd? Everyone says that, sorry! … And that brings us to the surface. Time to go deeper. Pupils, students, high potentials, skilled workers, young executives, they all compete on the job market. The young are digital, the old are connected. But where are those who build bridges? Here: I will accompany you as an applicant, career changer or junior manager and develop your individual story with you – so that you have fun advancing as a Love Brand.

Love Brand »Rookie«
Surface exercises

Beginner training from 300,- € (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Story

  • Profiling / Potencials

  • Self management & goals

  • Application/Leadership Training I

Love Brand »Expert«
Get ready to do it

Advanced training from 750,- € (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Storytelling

  • Communication Skills

  • Methodological competence

  • Application/Leadership Training II

Love Brand »Fan«
Deep Dive

Coaching up to 90,- €/hour (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Storyselling

  • Network communications

  • Personality development

  • Sparring & Reflection