Are you different from the crowd? Everyone says that, sorry! … And that brings us to the surface. Time to go deeper. Whether you are a founder or a career changer, people are fans of people – these are the most authentic brands. Some communicate digitally, others in networks. And where are those who build bridges? Here: I train and accompany you as a founder or career changer on your way to becoming a Human Love Brand. If you and your story rock, fans and success are not far away. Ready to rock?

Love Brand »Rookie«
Surface exercises

Beginner training from 300,- € (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Story

  • Profiling / Potencials

  • Strategy & Goals

  • Brand positioning

Love Brand »Expert«
Get ready to do it

Advanced training from 750,- € (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Storytelling

  • Communication Skills

  • Creativity

  • Brand communication

Love Brand »Fan«
Deep Dive

Coaching up to 90,- €/hour (plus VAT)
  • Personal Brand Storyselling

  • Network communications

  • Sparring & Reflection

  • Self management