Is your brand and its product portfolio unique? Tell me news, honestly! Not only thanks to digitization, many products have long been interchangeable mass-produced goods. Every product is now extraordinarily unique, and every seller is a unique brand ambassador. The young rely on digital influencing, the old on personal networks. Is that the end of our horizon? Where are those who build bridges and change perspectives? Here: I accompany start-ups and brand newcomers to turn their people into growing teams and brands with their promising business ideas. From your own story to your story-selling – because it’s fun to develop Love Brands.

Love Brand »Basic«
Surface exercises

from 1,900,- € (plus VAT)
  • Brand Management:
    Your Story

  • Corporate Identity:
    Your Vision

  • Brand Positioning:
    Your Brand Journey

  • Brand Awareness:
    Your Target Groups

Love Brand »Plus«
Get ready to do it

from 3,000,- € (plus VAT)
  • Brand Management:
    Your Storytelling

  • Corporate Identity:
    Your Mission

  • Brand Activation:
    Your Network Marketing

  • Project Management:

Love Brand »Premium«
Deep Dive

from 5,000,- € (plus VAT)
  • Brand Management:
    Your Story-Selling

  • Project Management:
    Your Execution

  • Product Communication:
    Your Value Ladder

  • Lead Management:
    Your Sales Funnel

Love Brand »Sensitive«
First Aid

from 80,- €/hour (plus VAT)
  • Crisis Communication:
    Transparency and Clarity

  • Internal Communication:
    Employees first

  • Public Relations:

  • Leadership: