We are still at the very beginning of a seahorse’s Love Brand journey. Rather, let’s put it this way, my affair of the heart Willi is at least ready to see goals more diversely than just materialistically. Goals sound sensible at first, but maybe not appealing enough – for some people. Today Willi will understand how serious I am about developing Love Brands. Because strong brands only pay off outside mainstream.

How do I know that I am communicating well?
When I feel to swim against current
and still progress faster.

Be aware of the uniqueness

Let’s see what today’s day brings. In and of itself, everything is the same: at some point the lights come on, then it’s time to perform. Then the lights go out, then it’s time for – nothing. I like it a little darker. Cloudy, 10 to 18 degrees, 100% moisture. If you will, I am a true Central European. And yet I am not. You live upstairs, I downstairs – if I wanted daylight and colic I would have become a wild horse and would gallop through steppes. I chose the salt in the soup. And swimming. Or bathing? Not at all, the tide is turning, the godfather promised me. And he certainly didn’t mean the leaf that turns in the flow of my aquarium like a flag in the wind.

The individual brand pays off, he said. And I thought about it a little. I really don’t want to be a mass product. Not an interchangeable character in a story full of extras. I am not a seahorse that can be traded like a bazaar. On the contrary, I am unique. Not because I’m talking to a person, or because I’m probably the only fish of my kind who’s on a blog.

Do you want to know the reasons? Ha … um … me too. I’m working on it, I promise. And I will let you know as soon as I can correctly formulate the reasons for my uniqueness. I seem to need some help there. But what do I have a sponsor for?

Brand Management is changing dealing with traditions.
It’s even fun.

Where the wave of success is surfed

I’m really looking forward to surfing my waves of success. I’m really up for it. I’ve already tried  mainstream. This stream is in the back of  quarantine area. When I arrived here not so long ago, I got to know this stream. And it’s terribly boring, I tell you. Is even really corrosive. I can tell you what’s happening in this mainstream: I went around in circles until I got sick. And then I fed the fish. With something really chewed.

Alone watching how others pounced on this porridge … The thought of it makes me sick again.

Folks, swimming in the mainstream, that won’t happen to me again, safe. I know that other fish like to mess around in it. They deliberately pollute their aquarium so that they get a break from performing and can drift while cleaning up. Somewhere I can understand, you won’t get lost in the mainstream. But what I have also understood since my last conversation with my godfather: Rotating around in circles doesn’t get you any further.

Don’t be a snapshot

So while I am waiting for the godfather to hold my next Love Brand session, I’m once again watching very carefully what is going on in the world of the ones without gills. To be honest, that’s not a lot. Opposite are two families with prams in front of the large aquarium, they turn their backs on me and show their children freshwater fish. This is easier because the children can remain seated because the window opposite reaches to the floor. My window starts a little higher, you can’t really watch me sitting down. Yes, to be on an equal footing with me, you have to stretch a little. Or you have someone to get you up there. The adults from across the street, however, seem to prefer to push rather than carry the offspring in their hands.

A little to my left is a bench, on which sits a young woman who does not even notice that I am watching her. She is reading. In a book. She is really deepened, she only turns the pages every few minutes.

Yes, this kind of everyday life is not exciting. Countless people walk past me without looking. Others stop briefly, look even shorter and ultimately move on. Snapshots on both sides. Nothing to remember, nothing to talk about. Well, since my aquarium is only one of many in this zoo, I am a snapshot in case of doubt.

When my godfather came to the next visit and asked me how my day was going, I quickly finished telling. Decorating something irrelevant may make the irrelevant more interesting for a short time, but in the end it remains irrelevant.

Cherish traditions that change

Which brings us back to mainstream, my godfather said. And yet at these boring moments he found something remarkable: the woman with the book and the families with strollers from across the street.

Brand management, i.e. the development of brands, can be wonderfully illustrated by these examples, my serf crab sponsor explained to me. Leafing through a book is something remarkably unusual these days. Usually I shouldn’t have noticed that the woman is reading a book. It had become completely normal for something like this to happen on a tablet. You no longer turn pages, you wipe or touch. The topic is known.

That’s how traditions change, he said. Just because some people stick to principles and values there still would be printed books.

I frankly didn’t understand what he was getting at. Because I got the impression that it would happen to me more often with my godfather, I listened to what he had to say to the families of others. And I have to admit that it was a bit easier to understand: there used to be an aquarium where everyone stopped. And anyone who wanted to see something had to take some time to find what they wanted to find. Comparable to retail in the cities: in the past you had your favorite shop around the corner and bought what was there. And today? That is obvious, alone I see at least ten other aquariums from my window, almost for each type of fish, a separate one, adapted to the individual needs of each fish.

Multi-faceted is valuable

What stuck with me when my godfather finished his explanation for the seemingly decreased interest in me: Man has become comfortable, not to say spoiled. That is precisely why it is important to show the individual brand in all its facets. To make them versatile, varied, surprising … just valuable. Not to turn the always comfortable and to make them stretch. But to keep your brand away from mainstream.

Investments are made at the front and savings are made at the back. And that sounds logical because, in the back, in the mainstream, it was really about whether I was worth showing.

Okay, godfather, but now no more factual theory – help me, do something, or say what I have to do to be an individual brand. There are zoos all over the world, as well as seahorses. If I give my heart to the others of my kind, I have a brand developer as a sponsor. And with all due respect, if you say there is more in me because there is more in me, then stop tapping and show me the way to the next shrimp cocktail. And hurry up, please.

In the world of mass products
there is room for everyone.
I do without mine.
I’d love to.

If you are something, you have something

»The bottom line is that you will be able to measure your success in many ways. From me also on the waist circumference. There are cultures in which the body size is an expression of wealth. At our previous meeting we discussed how important balanced goals are. But we still have to work a little on your attitude: »If you have something, you are something«, that is the past; »If you are something, you have something« is the future strategy for success,« he said.

So, is it so easy to develop a Love Brand? Well, not entirely … There is a little more to it than standardized knowledge about brand development, which you can gradually acquire and finally apply. My godfather would also have to take care of my skills and abilities, make me aware of the importance of a role model, address and regulate values ​​and ethical and moral standards. Why?

Personality beats skill or otherwise: »reputation beats performance« was his motto. Because the emotionally, intellectually appealing brands would be popular. And fans inevitably brings economic success. Whether I want to measure that against crabs, at a larger aquarium, at more visitors, or, or, or … If I understand that correctly, we will not be concerned with the history of the seahorse in general. At least not exclusively. But with mine. With my values ​​and principles, which in turn clearly identify me, Willi, the horse feed, among the seahorses.

This includes how I communicate, because that says a lot about my identity and marketing strategy.

»Buddy, do you mind my direct, provocative nature? Then move on and talk with the sole!«

Straight and provocative – he could work very well with that, he suddenly said, and I was as surprised as I was impressed by the reaction.

I wasn’t a mayfly, he said. Really, he thinks, I don’t know the difference between swimming and flying?! But I had only listened to half again and missed the following part, in which he talked something about »not selling below value« or »not available at the cheapest price«. Regardless, in the end he said that he identified with me and would make sure that there were several more. Inevitably there will be fans among them, who invest in me, who push me and advertise for me.

Spread extraordinary messages

Again, godfather, it all sounds great, but how?!

»I repeat myself so that you really understand the Love Brand thing: let’s fix it to the woman with the book again. All we know is that for some reason she sticks to a certain tradition. Reading and leafing. What we don’t know, did she buy the book because of the title, the layout and design, the feel, the author, the number of pages, or the content? If I were the author, I would say that my book is a success if its content is carried forward. Messages, insights, lessons and, above all, the associated emotions … Then the book advertises and sells itself.«

»Hmm, tell me which book you bought last and why?« I asked the godfather. »The House of Talking Animals, my favorite book«, – it is essentially about the friendship between a cat and a pig. »Long story short: They don’t like each other because they are WHAT they are, but because they are WHO they are. A message that I have bought and given away 15 times on my own.«

From this second on, I recognized the value of having a human friend as a seahorse. Another perspective is extremely enriching. Times change, and so do perspectives. What a great opportunity. Only mainstream, yes that really sucks.

It is clear to me that many brands only want to invest in themselves if they understand that the further development is ultimately success-oriented and measurable. Then they want to belong, stay tuned. There is no point in working against mainstream. Or rather, it does much more to do something for your own brand. I am convinced that brand management will bring you further in life – and also provide the necessary success … Well, it is generally the case that the world outside prefers economic aspects to measure the success of a brand. This is legitimate, only from my personal point of view alone no longer up to date. It is all the more important to get involved with different needs.