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What is important to understand for someone who has nothing to do with human branding?

Initially, brand has nothing to do with marketing, even if it is often confused. The brand deals with values, skills, achievements and the story between the lines. Marketing is concerned with using the brand in such a way that it grows healthily – and so does its fan community.

What is this Love Brand about?

This is the name of my product brand. Barthel is the umbrella brand, the Love Brand as my personal interpretation of »favorite brand«, my product brand. I find the English term also in German more up-to-date. Especially since it is an expression of the fact that our communication is just as constantly changing as the brands themselves.

How would you describe your product?

It’s a process. Like a scuba dive. First, let’s find out if we want to go deeper together. Then there is a briefing on how we dive the dive site and what we would like to discover. And the more often we practice diving together, the more often we bring new stories to the surface. I accompany people on their way from storytelling to storyselling. During founding, growth and change processes. 

What exactly are you selling?

In a few narrow-minded words: trainings and coachings that serve the education and further development of people and their communication. I train you on how to find your individual story. Then we work out together how and to whom to tell your story. And finally, I offer sparring on a frequent basis. Whether as a founder or career changer – people follow people.

Why of all things Barthel?

I’m a brand from the early 80s – that’s where experience and creative do-gooders gene meet today. There is not only a wealth of ideas and enthusiasm, but also knowledge. And an excellent, proven, multi-layered network in the background. I’m brand expert – from my own brand and a few many that I have not only met superficially. And with all of them I have been growing together and continuously for almost 40 years.

How do I get a quote?

You can request an appointment for a warm-up via my website and the contact form. For a small allowance, we will check the chemistry and whether or how I can help you. And if we know THAT, you will receive a detailed offer for further training and/or coaching.

What do services cost?

You can find a rough price indication on the corresponding product pages on my website. What pirates of the modern age should still know: Even today, sailing around the world takes time. Saying for those who want to go deeper: Only those who spend some time will find a seahorse. No matter how much technique you start with.

What examples already exist in the real world that benefit from successful human branding?

Every brand that you consciously and happily consume has made you a fan. In some way. It is the same with humans. At some point, somewhere and somehow you meet people as brands. And some you learn to love and want to get know more about. Just because values, attitudes, principles and communication are also right for you. These are your Love Brands. That is exactly what is your best example in mind!