»Horse Feed«

What you can learn from a fish about people and brands

It’s a BOJ – Of people and brands

My book »It’s a BOJ«, which I published in December 2018, is about people and brands – and (unfortunately available in German only… for now). In this book I hypothesize that everyone is a brand and that’s the reason why the ideal brand will not exist. Using stories from life, encounters and experiences, and also using my special kind of humor I describe how a person can become a real brand. Love Brands enjoy being productive – and they can laugh at themselves. It also means that they reflect themselves long before the others …

»In search of inspiration for his first book, journalist Michael runs into a few distinctive characters. There is Mitch, the philosopher from the beach, who has seen the bad in the world and believes in the good in people. There is Henry, who struggles with school and wants to conquer the world, or Cap, the animal keeper with team leader qualities, who takes fish and other animals as models. And then there is Mona-Lisa, the tough brand manager who brings all these characters together into a think tank. She asks Michael the questions the book is about: what drives people to leave their mark? What is your identity? … An entertaining and idiosyncratic generation portrait of those born after 1980 unfolds in front of the readers. A provocative and funny book full of joie de vivre, an ode to individuality and to productive cooperation at the same time.«

(Blurb »It’s a BOJ«)

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