Seahorse Willi, the Love Brand, the Horse Feed – that’s what my blog is about. Last Willi realized that growth is not a matter of course and can bring with it impassability. Everything depends on a team, on a brand message that works first internally. But how does it appear to the outside world, to whom and how quickly? Because one thing is clear, it’s still about crabs. In plain language: it’s about measurable success. And next it needs the right fans beyond the glass – those who have a real benefit from the Love Brand. Those that are balanced. How do you find out? By listening.

A Love Brand likes
branding instead of blending.

Let me entertain you

I don’t need to tell you that a show doesn’t start every time the lights come on… Why should that be the case today? From conversations lasting for days (and listening maneuvers, which of course only served purely for market research purposes), from listening for days at least, I know that you humans don’t perform in at first light in the morning either. Yeah, you’re going to put on your mask, get dressed and then you’ll try to take over the world. For us seahorses, stop, wrong, for us quality signatures of an entire ecosystem, entertainment under UV influence begins exactly as we left the stage the evening before. So it starts immediately. Without correcting your own design, without taking the opening hours into account. What I want to say is that with you humans »light on« means »eyes open«. For me as a Love Brand, »light on« means: »Let me entertain you.« The crabs bite the last.

Why is it important to know? A few days ago I was listening to a conversation between two men who were talking in front of my center stage. One complained vehemently that he could not get going in the morning because his work-life balance had become unbalanced. His boss asked for extras. Many extras. Long after the lights are out. In his life he spends most of his time only performing, eating, sleeping or even wearing a mask. Because such a life out of balance leaves traces – he first pointed to his dark circles, then to his gray hair.

Well, for someone like me, the whine of the imbalanced was like acoustic water pollution. In no second did the colleague notice that my world for living, working, celebrating, sleeping, being a Love Brand is significantly smaller than his. That I balance everything in this small room – above all myself. The way I am. Without opening and closing credits. Without masquerade. So what is there to balance if everything takes place in one room, in one living space?!

Ready to rock

Back to reality: my godfather appears. 1.83 meters tall, dark blonde-gray hair, gray-blue eyes, dressed. I would not say that he looks good, because what does it sound like when a seahorse says that man looks good… But he looks neat. Decent. No trace of Beetlejuice-Smokey-Eyes behind the glasses. »Well, make up?« I ask in a quick greeting, »Be honest, how long did it take you this morning to be ready to rock?«
»I left the house 30 minutes after getting up, if that’s what you want to know?«
That’s what I wanted to know. From this blender. 30 minutes, enough time to put on a poker face. »Are you balanced?« I ask skeptically that the godfather’s recognized my seriousness clearly due to the my body tension, especially in my upper back.
»What do you think?!«
I tell him about the conversation I was listening to. From the frustration between the lines, from the verbally sketched suffering to the stage of life. Of the suffering of Christ, which probably happens to my visitor every morning anew. Sounded like revelation. Like end time mood. Because, and with that I got to the real point: Those who start their day like this, in imbalance, queued for judgement day … Well, good night crab salad.

A Love Brand has fans
that tick
like a Love Brand themselves

Attention of the right ones

»So, are you balanced or are you not?« I want to ask the godfather again. »I want to have balanced fans. Muddy water does not deserve a quality rating. In addition, doom and gloom doesn’t match a Love Brand. I need fans that tick like a Love Brand themselves! Do you understand?!«
»But absolutely! I can even calm you down, I’m more than balanced. Because there is nothing to balance. In my eyes, work-life balance is nonsense. In my private life I am no other than a professional. In addition, if my job were not part of life, or my life did not matter in my job, it would be schizophrenic. So if everything is one, what should I balance?«
»Well, I believe you. But why do you still need 30 minutes after getting up to get on stage?«
»If I lived in the water like you, I wouldn’t have to wash and get dressed – then I could save myself the 30 minutes in the morning.«
Everyone the way he deserves, I think. Still, as I said, washed and dressed, the godfather makes a pretty decent impression. He also doesn’t complain. He tackles it, effectively, otherwise he would hardly take so much time for me.
»Godfather, my team and I all agree: We can bring joy to our fans, offer added value, convey messages and be role models. All we need are fans who appreciate and honor it without poisoning our ecosystem. All we want is attention and crab without prostitution. You know what I mean…«
Frankly, I have no idea if my godfather knows anything about prostitution. However, I am certain that either this term or something else from my statement triggered something: still lifes on both sides of the sponsorship. A still picture.

Listening is a must

Guess who’s the first to lose control? Who is the first to be hungry for success again and take the mouth full? Correct. So take care, charm offensive: »Love Brand to brand coach: Search fans, stop. Need crabs, stop. Expect help, stop.«
»I just helped you,« grins the man. The seahorse is not. »I just showed you how to listen,« he said. Then you should have heard what I said, hero, I thought. I wanted an answer, not a lesson. And what do I get? A lesson as an answer. Well fine.
However, I cannot reflect what details all need to be considered in the fan winning process. However, listening would be crucial in order to filter out early on whether fan advertising is actually targeting.
The godfather’s monologue went on even longer. In this context he learned what a brilliant listener I am and I learned what a brilliant storyteller my godfather is. Because he just knows how to tell me stories.
He told me women stories. My mistake, I must have put him on trail with prostitution.
So much was revealed, it remained entirely family safe. What a shame? I ask you to have a look at the clock and remember: we already know what should be.
It was about dates. To meet. One could also call it encounters. Advertise. Becircen. Courtship, I say.

Who asks leads.
Whoever questions changes.

Traditional or modern?

Incidentally, there are also traditional and modern methods on the part of the bipeds in this process. There would be those who check one catalog of questions from another: knowledge, status and specifications are evaluated, analyzed, categorized. If you come into the »Match« category, as it is called today, it means something like: your answers were correct. My godfather and I agreed to call this dating method »my house, my boat, my seahorse method«.
And then there is the »Interview with an Alien« method. These are the others who test actions, reactions, emotions. Rather, their questions are aimed to an action, reaction or even emotion.
In a nutshell, there are those who make quality measurable and there are those who make quality human. It’s all a question of the question. Clever, isn’t it? Yes, comes from the godfather, but is somehow also logical: Who asks leads, whoever questions changes. And so I did: »What should I ask?« I wanted to know.
After everything my counterpart wants to reveal about his strengths, wishes and needs, the answer was.

To grow means to learn from each other

Well, next question: »What is the difference between courtship for fans on the other side of the window and the type of courtship for fans on my side of the glass?«

»Why should there be a difference?«

»Simply because there are different partnerships that I strive for …«

»May be, but it’s still a partnership, isn’t it? And everyone aims to support you as a Love Brand. Whether in a courtship or in a job interview. You are the same seahorse – seen from one side of the glass as from the other. The fan can be the one who starts as an expert and learns as a personality. A fan can also be the one who starts as a personality and develops into an expert. The main thing is that both learn, because that’s how partnerships grow.«

Hm, what did I learn today?

I am the living prime example of the newly created Love Brand balance. Nobody hovers as authentically as a brand and as a living being like me. I am balanced. The best prerequisite for listening … and for learning before I bounce too quickly again.

Branding inside and outside needs to be balanced. Why? Because it is simply authentic and credible. This in turn creates commitment. If you dive, you know how wonderful weightlessness in the water can help you to feel balanced. Willi is truly a living example of how balanced you can be. He also likes branding instead of blending. He likes fans who design instead of manage. If you ask correctly and listen properly, you will quickly and easily determine whether you are attracting and managing administrators or shapers. In any case, Willi is now recruiting fans in the team who want to help shape his Love Brand because they are proud to be part of it. And he recruits fans who want to help shape his Love Brand because they enjoy it …