Welcome to the next »Horse Feed« blog post. In the previous article I deliberately held back and gave my heart project space to introduce himself. Today the conversation between me and my Love Brand matters. I can reveal so much: It is not for nothing that Willi has the character of a question mark. He questions everything. Sense and purpose in the first place – and that’s a good thing. Because a strong brand knows what it wants. Attractive goals, for example.

If you want more,
you need balanced goals.
Whoever wants to reach them,
asks for help.

It’s all about rarities

Here with me, in front of my aquarium, many people stop. Big, small, slim, strong, with hair, without hair, a few years ago significantly more without tattoos than with. A lot is different today. And tomorrow it will be different again. I know that.
Where from? I ask you, a little probability calculation paired with a little common sense and you will come to the solution. For this conclusion you don’t have to become 100 years old these days, like my buddy Dude, the turtle. Four to six years are enough for me. So I survive about 3,726 trends, that should be enough, right?

With all charms that play behind a window nowadays, I’m almost glad that mine has no touch function at all. Admittedly, that is difficult enough for many to grasp: There are already enough tapping, wiping and zooming, yes zooming – with two fingers, you know? – on the glass between us. Incurable symptoms of the 21st century …

If I were to swim forward every time someone touched my glass, I would have a lot to do, although I would be given the intelligence of a smartphone. But my visitors would find it difficult to understand that I am not only available online. You human beings rarely come out the door to enjoy special rarities.


However, a few do. My godfather, for example. Or the pastor who was with me recently. The priest even stayed a very long time. Why? Baptism is nonsense if you’re under water all day anyway. Besides, I already have a name. Willi, for those who have forgotten. »So much begins in life with a Willi«, I heard people joking. To deepen that would be a very different story…

In any case, the preacher prayed. In front of my screen. With eyes closed and hands open. I admit it is difficult to understand you humans. And that’s not because I only have two small slots as ears. It’s more about the content: You pray for a better world, for justice, for bread for the world or for charity. Then again you wage wars in the name of those you worship. Or you break your faith entirely, because if it doesn’t go according to your pipe, the others are to blame. So those you believe in and who are not immediately tangible.

So no wonder you give names to things as soon as you create them. If they are misguided, you can at least identify the bad directly. Seriously, you give children a name because you think it suits them. Or because you like it. Even before the child spoke first words, painted first pictures or even expressed a hint of personality. Let alone ask if he likes the name. It’s a bit strange, don’t you think so?

This pastor in front of me did not different. He seemed to have memorized an entire We-Will-Be-Parents book, he prayed for so many names. But most of all he thought of himself: He wanted strength and inspiration on the way to steer the sheep back in a direction he called »faith«. Too many have stayed away from spiritual places in the past. »Lord, keep the lost sheep safe because they don’t know what they’re doing.« – Now it’s getting a bit absurd, I thought, a preacher standing in front of my window and trying to keep sheep. Buddy, if you’re looking for a petting zoo, you’re wrong here. The show farm is at the other end of the site. Well, he actually went further in that direction.

Goals are a brand’s Yoga.
When they get out of balance,
it usually becomes very painful.


I would have liked to introduce him the yoga teacher who came shortly after the preacher. Including retinue. Apparently she had what he didn’t have: fans. The whole group emitted so much energy that my water temperature rose by one degree. At least I imagined it. Carefree, balanced and pure with body AND mind, the yogis were obviously looking for inspiration for new exercises. They went on relatively quickly, because one of the students said that the seahorse figure already existed. »Hm«, I thought, while I was holding onto a coral with the end of my body, »pretty creative these yoga friends«. I was able to conclude to myself: Cool outfits, great charisma and no singing bowl – that was another plus. Because I don’t like these things, they are terribly loud under water and make everything vibrate. No balance.

I found another piece of conversation interesting that I was able to snatch up shortly before the group moved on to the fish world in the Indian Ocean: Yoga originally comes from India and is several thousand years old. The seafarers transported yoga across the oceans all over the world. »How do you transport yoga, please?« Someone asked curiously and I was excited as well, while the pirates performed great choreographies in my head. »As knowledge,« was the answer. My thought bubble burst – but that’s the way it is when spirituality meets intellect. At least with me. Knowing that knowledge is power, many people do not yet know everything they need to know to be powerful. You never stop learning. If you want.


It was a while before I noticed movement in front of my window. It was also less movement than presence. Suddenly there was a guy, crossed arms, waist-wide stand, confident look. His little daughter in front of him, protected or shielded. The man selflessly sacrificed himself as a protective wall, so that his princess had an exclusive view of me and that no prince could intervene. After a few moments, the girl turned to her dad and said, »May I have a seahorse?« – I thought I wasn’t quite hearing, the little one was already suffering from megalomania … I galloped in the seahorse sprint in minutes behind a stone, because Willi doesn’t belong to anyone. Free Willi, so to speak. But how do you explain that to a child?

I don’t. Her father made at least one attempt and explained to her, as sensitively as it can be from a stable position, that you can buy anything you want with money. Logically, now the girl wanted money. That this was not so easy was the next painful lesson for my junior admirer: first the diligence comes, then the reward. She would soon be proud to carry her first seahorse with her, he said, if she passed her swimming test. »But I want one to touch,« she replied. Now I was curious to see how the old man can get out of the situation. Because I still felt very safe in my aquarium, I came out again and showed myself somewhat provocatively in all its glory.

The daddy, not stupid at all, laid out the next bait for the child: the next time she comes home from school with a good grade, it could be that there is a cuddly toy in exchange. And of course he would personally try to make it a seahorse. »How am I supposed to cuddle with something small?« She was obviously still unsatisfied. Then the man made a decisive, tactical maneuver: he told her that daddy was going to work so that he could earn the money needed to go back on vacation soon. To the beach, to the sea, to where the seahorses live. She couldn’t have one, or take it with her, but at least she was one of the people in the world who had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of traveling to places where you could find one. That seemed fruitful, because the little girl immediately started to motivate her daddy to go: »Then let’s go quickly so that you can work again.« And they were gone. My good wishes for your swimming test accompanied them.


The fourth visitor in this round was already an acquaintance: the godfather. With a big smile he greeted me: »My dear horse feed« – um, yes, I do too. After a brief moment of togetherness, one heart leaf stood on one side of the glass wall, the other (I) dangled on the other in the current that was artificially created for me. And then I briefly summarized what I had experienced and shared this with him. What the godfather made of it? A very factual, fart-dry analysis: people need goals.

It takes intellect, feelings, energy
and also a status
for balanced goals

Fun is weightless

When I put it briefly in one way or another, my godfather gave a short laugh and said only: »Now you have almost understood it. What is still missing is fun and joy. All in all, the balanced package makes you a Love Brand.« What is he talking about? To what?!

»You are one of my favorite brands, Willi. And favorite brands deserve to be developed. Do you want to develop yourself?«
»Well, my life is limited, my horizon too, my life story as a zoo animal quickly told. Especially since there are a few extras of other species swimming around me in the aquariums. It would be awesome in and of itself if you could make people come just because of me.«

»That is the idea. We deal with you individually. With your identity, with your philosophy and your goals. We balance spirituality, intellectuality, materiality and emotionality. This is important for balance.«

»Huh?! I feel weightless in the water and have fins that keep me going in the current. What does faith help me with? What helps knowledge? What help emotions??? What help, for example, a larger pool if it has limits again? In and of itself, I have everything it takes to live!«

»You’re right. But why do you still come up to the window every day and show yourself?«

»I have to position myself, otherwise I’m the extra. I’ve already seen in here: extras exchange them faster than they would like.«

»Exactly. So it goes in the world out there. If you are nothing special, have nothing special and do nothing special, then you are done. I help you discover and share something special.«

»All right godfather, one thing is certain: I would never want to do without the daily shrimp cocktail. No matter what I have to do for it. Let’s do the Love Brand thing you’re talking about. If it makes you feel more balanced. I can keep listening to it…«

Yes, Willi is my Love Brand. Because he’s the way he is. Of course he wants to please, of course he has very different goals and of course he wants more of everything. More is always possible. That’s the way it is in the world of brands. You need a purpose. We all strive for more – anywhere, anytime. Because standing still is a step backwards. So is it time to say goodbye to the mass-produced world and become a Love Brand, isn’t it?