After-Care Hospital Tannheim

For »Young Rehab« patients in After-Care Hospital Tannheim I read Christmas stories once a year. I love stories, I love reading as well as joy and gratitude in children’s eyes that draw strength and hope from a beautiful story. I also collect old children’s books, games or toys, used DVDs and much more in advance for this event … The start was in December 2019. During the second campaign in 2020, a van full of donations came already together. Unfortunately, the last action did not take place until Easter 2022 due to the pandemic. If you would like to participate in the next fundraiser, you are welcome to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I will keep you updated about all the details there.

Hagenbeck Hamburg

At »Wilhelma«, Stuttgart’s Zoological and Botanical Garden, I’ve been sponsoring a seahorse since 2019. However, since summer 2021 I have been living in the north, and accordingly my sponsored child in the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg. For me, the sea is a place that gives me strength and hope. Because we humans are very carefree with our planet it’s even more important to me to remind regularly that world doesn’t belong us exclusively and that we have to protect it. Speaking of the seahorse this fish inspired me for my first Podcast »Pferdefresse« – also a small contribution to make people aware of environmental and species protection.

Today it’s all about social responsibility (called CSR in companies). A Love Brand gets involved out of conviction and because it is an important part of their story. Being a brand goes deeper…