»Horse Feed« continues. My project to share everything about brand communication with a seahorse. Most recently, Willi has started to get to know the first of the four obvious identifying characteristics of a brand: good looks. This is a good business card for a Love Brand, and a good jump-off point. Because first impression counts. But what about the second one? A brand will and will only be successful if it delivers what it promises. Or only promises what it can keep. It has something to do with decent behavior. That is why it is today about a question of a brand’s behavioral principles.

For a Love Brand:
Not memorizing Decency rules ensures good coexistence.
But so does appropriation of decent behavior patterns.

It’s about well-being and prosperity

The more I swim by this reflection in the window, the more I become aware of the past few days. Because they’re obvious: the consequences. One day I was a seahorse, and that’s it. One that hangs around here so that there is a living object vigil next to the warning sign to preserve our species. And now? A lot has changed since my godfather explained this Love Brand thing to me: my self-esteem is awake, I know that there is more to me. Exceptional, to be precise. My self-confidence is strengthened, being a Love Brand definitely makes sense. Not just because it keeps you away from the mainstream. I stand for quality. Yes, also for good looks – but that only works in the mirror image when I pose with my chest out and swim into the spotlight. In the shade I look like everyone else around me. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still strong as a team. This helps to protect species, that is, all of us. Still, we all get crabs every day. Even those who live in the shade. They should, but I want more. More crabs. Because that’s what it’s about. For well-being and prosperity. I’m responsible for that, so I have to do something. Sure, first for me, then for others. For those who have no godfather to help them. I have so much decency that I am ready to share successes.

My appearance, my unmistakable recognition features, all that superficial is not enough. A still picture of me is like a still life. I’ve noticed that in the past few days. All of those who came to see me quickly left when I just hung out the model. Somehow logical, there are so many pictures of me meanwhile that nobody has to move if they want to see me. Seems like we – my godfather and I – have not quite reached the crab buffet in the world yet. To be precise, we are even further away from the all-you-can-eat running sushi than I thought. That means  mainstream is still present every day. This is not good.

My fans know who I am, where I come from, where I want to go, why and what I stand for. You know what I look like, how to be identified at first glance. And now?! Is that still not enough?

No, says the godfather.


You can say that nicer

I was waiting for details. But nothing came. On the contrary, he just turned and disappeared without a word towards the shark tank. What a hero, seriously, man?! Does he just let me down? What kind of behavior is that, please? I am interested – for my development and his opinion … and him?


Next case: A little girl (without hat) presses her nose flat against my glass. Her pupils follow me concentrated on my movements. Fascinated. By Willi. Undoubtedly. Suddenly a guy comes from behind, gives her a hip kick like »you’ve been here long enough« and shows me grimaces – »what a f***ing ugly horse face«.

What?! Boy, who are you?! What about you?! Believe me, I also prefer to look into two nostrils of a fan than into the eyes of a hater. My gush … it’s your problem if you don’t like what you see, but that’s really nicer to say.

Another case. Today seems my lucky day, only specialists, pay attention: a face with sunglasses. Estimated visit time: 1.5 seconds. Exact statement: »I heard, you can also eat them, these things.« The sunglasses were gone. Including the face behind it. Good nursery hadn’t even come along. You could have really saved yourself the visit. 1.5 seconds wasted time.

Consider your environment

Here comes a good nursery, metaphorically speaking, with my godfather. He comes back because he wants to apologize. Pretty sure. He should do that later, my collar is about to burst and I want him to know: »A little more respect please. You just let me down and alone. Do you have any idea what kind of mad people are out there? OK, don’t give a shit, I seriously wanted to know from you what my next step to the Love Brand is, and you? You made room for intolerant, rude and ruthless primates.«

»There you go: We’re starting to take a closer look at the environment. So with the reactions. Interesting.«

Who are we? What is he talking about again?

Because the following dialogue was very personal and there were interferences in the mutual privacy, I would like to share with you at least the summary. What I got is the following: Desires for revenge are a natural reflex. Bad words help immensely to put anger in short, concise words.

Love Brands are doers instead of gossipers.
They keep
what they promise.

Lead by example instead of just writing down


… OK, I would like to admit that a different perspective on things also allows the following conclusions to be drawn from what has been experienced today:

1st, Cooperation, no matter of what kind, works when equal opportunities apply to everyone, if we show mutual respect.
2nd, tolerance, dignified, honest dealings with one another strengthen the relationship. So everyone makes sure to keep reputation and reputation of cooperation partners high.
3rd, reaching goals together creates lasting trust.

His choice of words… But what should I do, the godfather wrote it down in his notebook. And I memorized it.

Yeah, I admit that I understood that this was the problem: It is not learning memorabilia rules by heart that ensures good coexistence, but acquiring decent behavior patterns.

I know that realization is probably as hard for you as me: But it’s not just about me. It’s not just about Willi, the »Horse Feed« who stands for quality and stands for her brand. A brand that is superficially endowed with natural beauty and … Sorry, I get off the topic. Where was I?

Oh, it’s not just about me. It’s also about the ignorant, the guy without a nursery and the guy without tact. And everyone carries that within them, I’m sure of it.

In any case, they all need house arrest. In my life and in life of everyone out there. Got it?

Rather decency than circumstances

I stand for quality, for a brand with drive and potential. I am a role model.

Which, taken soberly, means I have to do this. That is another conclusion. Solid as hard to endure.

Under point 2 there was something of honest handling, I will know how to put a strain on it. At least one positive finding. Honesty is what you can get from me, no problem.

And then, suddenly, I was enlightened: quality is reliable, trustworthy, resilient. And that’s how I will behave. Rather, I will keep what I promise.
I want to know from the godfather if there is such a thing as behavior training? Thousands, he said, and each is specially founded. He would have interviewed Baron von Knigge a few years ago. This etiquette is, for example, a measure of how people differentiate between decency and circumstance.

»And what do you think he’d say about me?« I wanted to know.
»He would say you know how to dress properly. That you’re a cosmopolitan.«


»Well, someone who can deal with different worlds in a skilful, charming, respectful way. That’s why you never get embarrassed about new encounters.«

Did he say charming?

»Come on, you’ve enjoyed a decent nursery. You do a lot intuitively right. Your table manners, for example«, he smiled.

“Thank you,” I said somewhat proudly, somewhat embarrassed. Because seahorses don’t actually have a nursery. When we get rid of the eggs, we also get rid of the worries, that’s the way it works, you know?

You can neither
write nor read appreciation.
If it’s really there,
you can feel it.
Love Brands know that.

Just say »Thank You«

I am a seahorse on the way to the Love Brand. Somehow. And somehow that can say »Thank You«.

»But I want to tell you one more thing, godfather, with this ignorance number from before, I’d rather leave the big business appointments to others – if I were you. Honestly, that kind of behavior doesn’t suit you.«

»Thank you.«

His thanks were not as important to me as mine. But, I’m going to take care now that we are all adequately supplied with crabs. Please excuse me. Thank you.

Doers instead of gossipers: Love Brands are not those who have good sounding principles of behavior. But those who live their principles properly. So that you can understand where the principles come from. And why they are necessary to achieve the overarching goals – this is called appreciation. This type of appreciation cannot be written down or read. You can only feel or experience it. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to write down a few rules of conduct. They are transparent and worth a moment at any time to think about yourselves and what you kind of actions you take.