Deep Dive for applicants, career changers & managers

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Are you different from the crowd? Everyone says that, sorry! Let’s practice it: I accompany you as an applicant, career changer or junior manager and develop your individual story with you – so that you have fun progressing as a Love Brand:

  • Your story – More than just a cover letter or profile
  • Your storytelling – Who and how do you inspire with your brand
  • Your storyselling – How to become brand ambassadors from your network

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Deep Dive for start ups and brand newcomers

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Is your brand and its product portfolio unique? Tell me news, honestly! Let’s prove it. I accompany start-ups and brand newcomers to turn their people into growing teams and brands with their promising business ideas. From your own story to storyselling – because it’s fun to develop Love Brands:

• Your story – What you have tot tell
• Your storytelling – Who you tell your story to, how and where
• Your storyselling – How your storytelling pays off in the network

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